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Why Us

We are the number one program in Trinidad & Tobago. Right off the bat, we believe that should be enough to convince you to advertise. Should you want your product or business to be seen by the most eyes, you advertise with the program that has the most eyes. Ian Alleyne and Crime Watch are both household names known by almost anyone or any age in Trinidad & Tobago. To take things one step further our advertising package is holistic, offering not only television slots but social media advertising as well. Our YouTube Channel has over 35 million views and his social media pages have over 500,000 followers. 

Make Ian Alleyne and Crime Watch your choice for advertising today.

What Advertising Includes

  • Television slots during the Crime Watch Broadcast.
  • Advertisement via our Social Media Platforms which boast over 35 million views and 500,000+ followers
  • Advertisement creation included in the cost
  • Product Plugs courtesy of Ian Alleyne himself
  • Added trust to your prooduct/service

Advertise With Us

This can also be what industry you are in. E.g. Hardware
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