Welder collapses and dies at Paria’s Point-a-Pierre facility on Friday…

• 28-year-old Shaquille Douglas, a welder of Princes Town, collapsed and died after complaining of feeling unwell while working at Paria’s Point-a-Pierre facility on Friday 21st October, 2022.

• Shortly after lunch Douglas, who was employed with Sonny Beharrysingh and Sons, was working on a seven-foot scaffolding structure at Paria’s facilities when he asked to take a break from the work.

His condition soon worsened and medics arrived but he efforts to revive him proved futile and he was declared dead at the scene.

• Approximately 8 months ago, four divers with LMCS died after they were sucked into a 36-inch pipeline off Paria’s facility in Pointe-a-Pierre in February. A fifth diver managed to survive the ordeal.

• The deaths of the men are the subject of a Commission of Enquiry, led by King’s Counsel Jerome Lynch.

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