Two hour home invasion ordeal, the victim recalls her experience on Sat 8th April, 2023

A woman was robbed at her home in Chin Chin on Saturday 08th April, 2023.

The victim was identified as 49-year-old Salima Juman of #95 Diamond Crescent in Chin Chin residential site.

Around 11:00pm, two men allegedly prized open Juman’s burglar proof and entered the home through the back door.

The suspects announced a robbery and threatened Salima before relieving her of a 50” inch television, a quantity of jewellery and other personal items.

The men were reportedly at a nearby construction site and were scoping out Juman’s home before they robbed her.

During the robbery, the suspects also asked where Juman’s daughter was who frequently visits her.

Ian also promised to donate a 50” television to Juman next week

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