two (2) homes and a car were destroyed in a suspected arson attack

As the war continues in Warner Street, St Augustine, two (2) homes and a car were destroyed in a suspected arson attack on Sunday 26th March, 2023.

• The latest incident took place at Gregorie’s Lane off Warner Street, Freeman Road St. Augustine South in the same area where 16-year-old school boy Darshan Ramnauth and Gino Shah were gunned down on January 24th, 2023.

• Residents believe that the fire was a rebate for two recent murders which took place in the same area and another house which was set on fire.

• Two brothers, Kishore Mahabir and Vijay Mahabir are now homeless after their homes were engulfed in flames on Sunday.

• The side-by-side one-bedroom wooden structures were burnt to the ground and only pieces of galvanised and wood were left among the rubble.

• Between 10:00pm and 10:30pm, three suspects were allegedly seen fleeing the scene where the fire took place.

• The men were said to be relatives of 26-year-old Aneesa Ramkissoon who was gunned down inside her home on Friday 3rd March 2023, at Old Train Line Road, Freeman Road in St. Augustine.

• Days after her murder, Ramkissoon’s sister Seema Ramkissoon’s house was torched in an arson attack.

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