Tragedy in Palo Seco as a 7-year-old girl is found murdered late on Friday…

7-year-old Mc Kenzie Hope Rechia, was found murdered at her #7 Road Extension Palo Seco home, on Friday 19th august and is believed to have been murdered by her 25-year-old mother who remains in police custody.

• Deniel rechia, the child’s mother, went to a 35-year-old Imam in Claxton Bay around 10:20pm on Friday and reportedly admitted to him that she strangled her daughter at her home.

• The Imam later accompanied the suspect to her home where he saw the lifeless body of the child with several visible marks around her neck and body and the police were contacted.

• The suspect reported to police that around 4pm that day, she left Hope alone in their 10 by 10 wooden and galvanize home to go to the grocery with a friend.

• The mother of Mc Kenzie, was taken into custody after she allegedly confessed to an imam in Claxton Bay murdering the child.

• She then left with a man who was known to her to visit her Imam in Claxton bay and she told the imam what she did to her daughter. The suspect was later detained at the Santa Flora Police Station regarding the incident.

In 2016: Deniel Rechia, Hope’s mother, lost her newborn son, which an autopsy later revealed was a result of natural causes. He died is the same house.

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