“They kill my baby”

“They kill my baby” cries the father of

17-year-old Isaiah Roberts, one of three youngsters shot dead by GEB officers in Port of Spain last Saturday, outside his funeral service on Friday 8th July, 2022.

• Isaiah’s funeral occurred at Simpson Memorial Eastern Main Road, Laventille. He was subsequently buried at the San Juan Public Cemetery.

• Officers of the IATF’s hearts and minds project, who work closely in at-risk communities such as Beetham, Sea Lots and Laventille, were also at the funeral service.

• Also present at the funeral was 15-year-old Malachi Glenn, one of the survivors and Isaiah’s neighbor. Malachi was shot in the arm which he had raised. the bullet exited and struck Isaiah in the head.

• Glenn could not hold back tears as he bid his friend, who died in front of his eyes, farewell.

• Isaiah’s schoolmates at the Beetham Servol Life Centre were in attendance in their school uniforms and many of them could not hold back their tears.

• The teenager’s father, Sheldon Roberts, cried, “they kill my baby.”

• ASP Ramesar of the IATF was also outside with other officers from the operational unit who were there to ensure the safety of mourners and no untoward incidents took place.

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