The suspect in the child sex abuse investigations remains in custody for the fifth day at the Besson Street Police Station…

Police probing the sex abuse allegations against children at the St. Dominic’s Children’s Home just over 20 years ago, have completed their investigations and have approached the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

• A 51-year-old man, identified as the suspect in the sex abuse investigations at the St. Dominic’s Children’s Home was positively identified by three of his alleged victims hours after he was arrested on Friday 26th August, 2022.

• The suspect, who lives in Tunapuna, was taken into custody by officers of the child protection unit of the ttps, when he showed up for work on Friday 26th August, 2022, at the St. Ann’s Mental Hospital.

• He remains in police custody at the Besson Street Police Station where he was interviewed on Saturday and Monday in the company of a female relative whom he asked to be present.

• ASP Teesdale, an attorney at law, with the Child Protection Unit, has been meeting with the Acting DPP Joan Honore-Paul since the DPP Mr. Roger Gaspard, who has been providing advice to the police with their investigations, is on vacation.

• Investigators completed their interviews with the suspect on Monday night and began preparing the file for ASP Teesdale to take to the DPP as they seek to charge the suspect with a slew of offences.

• The suspect has reportedly denied sexually abusing children while he was employed at the home but told investigators that he was a victim of sexual abuse while he too was a child at the home.

• The suspect, a former supervisor at the St. Dominic’s Children’s Home, took vacation leave shortly after the contents of the 1997 Sabga Report, which specifically named him, became public. He resumed duties last week.

• The man has been employed with the North West Regional Health Authority for close to 20 years.

• He was assigned to the Port of Spain General Hospital as a supervisor but when he resumed duties this week, he was reassigned to the St. Ann’s Hospital where he was arrested by Sgt. Baptiste and Woman Corporal Deonarine of the Child Protection Unit.

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