The pastor’s son laid to rest after being murdered in Morvant three weeks ago…

Shannon Kadoo aka “Lau”, the man found murdered while dressed like a tactical police officer in Morvant three (3) weeks ago, has been laid to rest following a funeral service officiated by his father, who is a pastor.

• Shannon, 24-years-old of San Pedro Road, Valencia, was laid to rest on Thursday 22nd September 2022.

• Shannon was positively identified by his relatives at the Forensic Sciences Centre in St. James last week after he was found riddled with bullets. At the same time, clad in tactical wear, similar to that of police officers.

• His bullet-riddled body was discovered hours after gunshots rang out for several minutes in a hilly area opposite Marie Road, Lady Young Road, Morvant, on Friday 9th September 2022.

• His face was partially disfigured during the attack leading police to believe his attackers stood over him and repeatedly shot him in the face.

• Kadoo was the son of pastor Hadid Kadoo.

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