The mother of 33-year-old Keston Morris aka “Chos”, pleads with her son’s killers, to give her closure

The mother of 33-year-old Keston Morris aka “Chos”, pleads with her son’s killers, to give her closure, by giving her the location of her son’s body.

• Marilyn Wilson, the mother of six, is quoted as saying that although police are still treating her son’s case as that of a missing person, she has accepted that he is dead, based on the images of her son she has seen circulating on social media.

• Chos has been missing since Saturday and he was last seen leaving the sea lots in a white Toyota axio motor car.

• On Sunday, information started surfacing on social media which indicated he was decapitated somewhere within the Chaguanas district.

• Images of him on the floor inside a house hogtied with blood on his face and other parts of his body and clothing were also released using his cell phone and Instagram account.
Chos was among 12 murder accused referred to as “the dirty dozen” who were freed of the murder of 24-year-old Ameil George of Cocorite, during a robbery spree on January 18th, 2010.

• The other former murder accused are 36-year-old Reinaldo Marcano; 45-year-old Raymond Birot; 32-year-old Jirt Serrette; 24-year-old Gerard Hepburn; 24-year-old Devon Samuel; Terrence David aka Trix; Keon Lawrence aka “Taliban”; 25-year-old Joel Roberts aka snake; 23-year-old Shawn Villafana; 32-year-old Sherwin Alexander and Richard “Bulls” Thomas.

• George, of building one, Harding Place, Cocorite, was murdered on January 18, 2010. He was attacked near his home by a group of men during a robbery and was chopped multiple times.
Why Chos was abducted, tortured, and had his limbs cut off one-by-one before he was reportedly beheaded?

• Maybe that question was answered in a video clip of a WhatsApp chat conversation between a relative of Chos and a man, claiming to have killed Chos.

• That conversation reveals a possible motive behind Chos’ disappearance and the possible murder may be a revenge killing.

• The male voice in the clip said his father was murdered when he was 7 years old and Chos and other persons were behind his killing adding that Chos’ son (who is expected to turn one year old on Sunday) would soon feel the pain he went through as a child without a father.

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