The father and son were murdered days apart, one street away in Tunapuna

The father and son who were murdered days apart, one street away in Tunapuna on Tuesday and Friday were victims of “kill for kill/reprisal killings”

• 50-year-old Kerwin Warner was shot dead by a gunman who entered his business place along the Eastern Main Road in Tunapuna on Friday 2nd September, 2022.

• The incident happened between St. Vincen Street and Tunapuna Road along the Eastern Main Road at Barney’s Variety Store.

• On Tuesday 30th August, 2022, Kerwin’s son, 22-year-old Kester Warner was killed at a carwash along St. Vincent Street in Tunapuna.

• Police believe the father and son murders are as a result of a feud where “shots and reprisal shots were being called” in the Tunapuna district.

• Officers said they are bracing for more bloodshed as a result of Warner’s murder.

• One man was shot dead at Tunapuna Road, Tunapuna on Thursday 1st September while an other was shot and seriously wounded at a bar at Monte Grande in Tunapuna. There was also a shooting incident at Bamboo Trace in Tunapuna during the week.

• All four (4) incidents of gun violence occurred within 200 metres of each other.

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