THA Chief Secretary, Farley Augustine has announced that he and his wife are expecting a baby…

See Farley’s statement:

I use to jokingly tell my mother that I will have my first child in time for her retirement so I will get free babysitting.

Yesterday on the anniversary of her death, I couldn’t help but stay in bed all day and think about the fact that she would have retired earlier this year just in time for the blessings of a new baby.

But no use weeping over what could have been when there is plenty of joy in embracing what is.

Ten months into marriage and it has all been a blessing. Having Ana Nedd by my side has been the greatest win.

Today as we prepare to receive our first baby (of hopefully many 😜), we solicit your prayers more than ever.

Prayers for a healthy newborn and prayers that we will figure this all out. Having a new baby in a home where we are called for an already demanding leadership portfolio will no doubt be a challenge.

I have not yet figured out how the late nights with a baby will work; or how I will juggle giving my wife all the help and time she will need, with the demanding nature of this job.

There is no playbook to read from as this is the first time a Chief Secretary and his wife will welcome a new baby while in office. But I welcome the challenge.

God will help us.

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