Teen charged with school boy’s murder…

• 18-year-old Ryan Rampersad of Church Street, Ponderosa, Golconda, Ste. Madeleine, is expected to appear before a San Fernando Magistrate on Wednesday 26th October, 2022, charged with the alleged murder of 15-year-old Videsh Dookran.

• Rampersad was charged this afternoon by WPC Knights of the Region 2 Homicide Bureau of Investigations while in custody at the Mon Repos Police Station with allegedly murdering Videsh.

Exactly one week ago, Rampersad and two of his relatives were held outside the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca by homicide detectives.

• The two relatives were released this afternoon without charge after the DPP advised that no charges should be laid against them.

• Dookran was found murdered a short distance from his home in the Ste. Madeleine police district on Sunday 9th October, 2022. He was cremated the following Sunday.

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