SOS as police under heat at Riverside Plaza in Port of Spain…

Officers of the Region 1 Homicide Bureau of Investigations, which is investigating the bulk of the weekend murders, and other police officers, have been working in their offices which have had no air conditioning for the past four months.

• We understand that the Riverside Plaza, where the Region 1 office is based, has been without air conditioning forcing officers to work in the sweltering hot and humid building.

Written reports have been made via the Senior Superintendent’s Office, we were told, but to date, the issue has not been resolved even though the executive of the TTPS is aware of the conditions the homicide detectives currently work under.

• Also, the building has four elevators but only one has been functioning for many months. So just imagine the time officers consume waiting on an elevator in the building.

• What is ironic is that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Social and Welfare Association office is also in the same building and they have no air condition issues since they have a separate unit from the available ac unit.

• Police officers are questioning what, if any, representation the association has made to assist in alleviating the situation faced by its officers at the Riverside Plaza.

• Other Sections of the TTPS housed at the Riverside Plaza whose staff experience the same hardships because of a non-functioning air condition unit and elevators are: The Port of Spain Division Headquarters; The Community Policing Secretariat; The SRP Adjutant Office; The TTPS I.T. Unit; Interpol; The Homicide Bureau of Investigations Administration; The Financial Intelligence Branch and other covert police units.

• Riverside Plaza, located next to the Besson Street Police Station, was given to the TTPS several years ago by the Government.

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