Rowley and five (5) of his Ministers have been ordered to appear in Court in Gary Griffith’s FUL Report challenge case…

• High Court Justice Devindra Rampersad made an order that the Prime Minister and several of his Ministers appear before him in relation to a matter former CoP Gary Griffith took before the court.

• The Prime Minister and several of his ministers are expected to appear before a High Court judge next month as he considers whether to grant an injunction to former police commissioner Gary Griffith to prevent the publication of the controversial Firearm User’s Licence (FUL) audit report in Parliament.

• The order for Dr Rowley, former attorney general Faris Al-Rawi, ministers Fitzgerald Hinds, Colm Imbert, Stuart Young, and Marvin Gonzales to appear in court was made by Justice Rampersad on Friday.

• Griffith sued the PM and his ministers, as well as retired police officers Wellington Virgil, Raymond Craig, and Lennard Charles – who formed part of the audit team.

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