Roget to sue Rowley for defamation over highway protest statements…

OWTU President Ancel Roget has threatened to sue the Prime Minister over statements that Roget was involved in the blockade of the Highway by scrap metal workers on Monday 29th August, 2022.

According to Roget, he knew nothing about the protests prior to their being executed neither did he have a hand in the events as stated by the Prime Minister in a Facebook statement, hours after the protests.

The PM blamed “Roget and the followers including the UNC” for leading “the marauding gangs of metal thieves” to shut down the country in this morning’s protest.

Last week, Roget, at a press briefing, warned of a “rude awakening” and “that something big is going to happen” within the ambit of the law, for justice to be served regarding the manner the working class is treated by the Government.

Roget’s response to the PM’S statement ls today:

“I want to make it absolutely clear that me, myself Ancel Roget as the President General, as an individual have absolutely no involvement, had no prior knowledge, no involvement in any shape or form in the activity referred to in this, Dr. Rowley’s statement on his Facebook page.

And that the statement made by the Prime Minister is very defamatory, it’s libellous and it’s slanderous and it puts me in the center of activity of absolute no involvement in any shape or form.

And finally let me repeat, that this statement is already in the hands of our Attorneys and they have already committed to within the next 48 hours, commence legal action against this injustice and this most unfortunate development.”

(Video is a part of Roget’s statements during a press briefing last week)

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