Responding to a Facebook AD regarding the sale of a car resulted in two men being robbed of $26,000 in Morvant on Thursday 27th October, 2022.

• The incident happened at a dead-end Street at Coconut Drive in Morvant near a dumpster which can take you the 7th Avenue in Malick.

• The victim saw the car being advertised for sale via Facebook and made contact with the “seller”.

• Arrangements were made to meet at the Morvant Police Station and conduct the sale, however, while the victim, accompanied by a friend, was close to Morvant, the “seller” informed them that his “child wasn’t feeling well” and therefore he could not leave home.

• It was agreed that they would meet at the man’s home and he video-called his victim leading him into a dead-end street following which the call was cut off.

• When the victim called back the man via the cell phone number provided, the man informed him that the car had been sold and he hung up the phone.

• Two men, armed with guns, then approached the victim’s Kia K2700 pickup and knocked on the glass while pointing their weapons.

• The victims were relieved of the $26,000 in cash, their cell phones and wallets by the bandits who ran off. Morvant CID officers are probing the incident.

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