Police officers on patrol in Arima came under fire with robbery suspects

Police officers on patrol in Arima came under fire after they were alerted to a robbery in progress and spotted two suspects fleeing from a business place on Wednesday night.

• The incident happened around 7 pm when three men, pretending to be customers, entered Yuka Zheng Spirit Retailers located at Palm Plaza Woodford Street in Arima.

• According to police an employee of the business informed the men that the business was about to close and one of them left following which the other two announced a robbery.

• The victim ran out of the business and stopped a passing police vehicle and informed them of what was taking place.

• Police said PC Trotman and Lindsay of the Emergency Response Patrol kept their eyes on the exit door as they called for assistance from additional units.

• Moments later, two men emerged with firearms and one of them opened fire in the direction of the police who returned fire.

The suspects then ran off along Farfan Street and there was a chase but they managed to escape.

• Police Said Crime Scene Investigators found and seized several spent 9mm shell casings and other items the bandits left at the scene. Investigations are continuing into the incident.

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