Parents of one of the four (4) young men killed by police express shock:

Parents of one of the four (4) young men killed by police express shock: We didn’t know that part of our son. He hid that from us but it has left us shocked and saddened because we did everything to provide for him. We are terribly sorry for what he did.

• 21-year-old Greg Dodough was one of six (6) persons who shot and killed two (2) security guards during a heist outside Pennywise Plaza in La Romain on Monday 19th September, 2022.

• The men who were killed by police were all from the Fyzabad community and they are: brothers 23-year-old- Kyle Ramdhan and 22-year-old Keyon Ramdhan of Delhi road Fyzabad; Greg Dodough of Dubarry Street Fyzabad; and De Aundre Montrose of easy Street Fyzabad.

• They were cornered at the bottom of a house by police officers and were shot and killed hours after the robbery.

• Police said the bags, the suspects were seen taking from the vehicle after they fired approximately 80 rounds of 5.56 and 11 rounds of 9mm ammunition into the officer’s vehicle, did not contain any cash.

• 17 packets containing cash collected from pennywise were found inside the vehicle and were exactly the amount of money the officers had received from the business, cash-in-transit receipts have shown.

• Three suspects, two who were directly involved in the robbery and another, who is a member of the Trinidad and Tobago defence force, were detained on Monday night.

• The two suspects were found hiding in nearby bushes from where their four accomplices were killed in a house by police while the TTDF member was detained when he went to report his car being stolen from him at gunpoint earlier in the day.

• Three additional suspects were taken into custody at a house in Pleasantville which was searched by police. A gun and ammunition were also seized by Southern Division officers.

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