Outsiders causing crime and gun violence at Picton Street Extension in Sangre Grande

Outsiders causing crime and gun violence at Picton Street Extension in Sangre Grande and the residents want the Land Settlement Agency to intervene.

Residents of Picton Street Extension Housing Development aka “D’ Kokar” in Sangre Grande are calling on the Land Settlement Agency (LSA) in conjunction with the police to dismantle illegal abandoned wooden houses in their community following three murders in the area mere days apart.

• The call was made yesterday by several residents following the shooting death of resident 39-year-old Winsdor Mungroo who was shot multiple times inside his vehicle just as he was about to leave his home to go to work.

• Before Mungroo could have switched on the engine of his vehicle, several shots were fired at him, killing him at the scene.

• On Sunday night, a man known in the areas as “tallman” was shot and killed inside a green board house a stone’s throw away from where 5 men were shot on Friday night.

• In the Friday incident, one of the victims, identified as Rondell Joseph, died from his injuries at the Sangre Grande District Hospital. Sayam Thompson, another victim, remains listed in critical condition.

• According to residents in the area, people from outside the community were coming in and illegally building board houses in the area which becomes a haven for criminals and their illegal activities.

• The house where “tallman” was killed inside, was once occupied by a couple and their children but they moved out of the area.

• Joseph, who was killed along a track next to the WASA wastewater facility, also lived in the same house where “tall man” was killed.

• Residents believe once the abandoned squatting homes are destroyed and the tall un kept grass is cut, there will be no place for the criminal elements to hide or conduct their nefarious activities.

Land Settlement Agency please look into these concerns.

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