One dead, two injured in Morvant drive-by shooting…

A man described in 2003 as the country’s most wanted man escaped a hail of bullets in Morvant which claimed the life of a pensioner and left two (2) others wounded at the hospital.

62-year-old Clinton Cain of Maloney died while being treated at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt. Hope after he was shot on Thursday 28th July, 2022. 29-year-old Michael Durant of Pelican Ext.

Morvant remains in stable but critical condition after he was shot in the chest, groin, right thigh and upper left thigh. Another man identified as 24-year-old Michael Rodriguez of Laventille, was shot in the left and right hands, left buttocks and him. Police said around 6:35pm,

the shooting victims were in company with Sheldon Lovell aka Skelly, a man once dubbed the country’s most wanted man in 2003, at Matthew Lane, Pelican Ext. Road, Morvant, standing near Shelly’s Cayenne Porsche motor vehicle. A white Nissan wing road drove by and the occupants opened fire on the group of men, hitting Cain, Rodriguez and Durant.

They were taken to the hospital by fellow residents where Cain died. Skelly was not hurt but his vehicle sustained bullet holes, police said.

Flashback: Skelly had been accused by police of being involved in the 2002 kidnapping of businessman Anthony N Sabga III who was released in Belmont after a large ransom demand was paid.

He denied any involvement in that incident and had indicated his willingness to surrender, only to, then National Security Minister Howard Chin Lee, to say the police wanted to execute him. Skelly had also been charged along with Selwyn “Robo cop” Alexis (now deceased) but was later freed after they were found not guilty of the 2002 kidnapping for ransom of a Sangre Grande Jeweler.

He has not found himself on the wrong side of the law. During Chin Lee’s helm as National Security Minister, kidnapping for ransom was the order of the day for criminals.

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