One day after the government cleared centre for displaced persons homeless persons were seen in the area.

One day after the government cleared the centre for displaced persons (CSDP) at the NIPDEC carpark in Port of Spain, several homeless persons were seen milling in the area.

• After 31 years of providing accommodation for homeless persons and $50m in government subventions, the CSDP closed its doors, which resulted in 34 persons, who refused to be placed in alternative accommodation and opted to not be institutionalised, back on the streets.

• Many were seen collecting meals from good Samaritans who would show up three times a day and feed the homeless.

• There were others who appeared to have slept on mattresses and other makeshift beds outside the facility.

• Many of the socially displaced residents who had to vacate the facility on Thursday, September 1st, said they declined the ministry’s alternative care because they wanted their freedom of movement.

• In July, the 80 residents at the CSDP were informed by the ministry of the centre’s august 30th closure. The ministry noted that the facility was a temporary measure and was not purpose-built but rather retrofitted to provide a basic level of care.

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