Officers called in to escort students off premises

Armed police officers were summoned to restore order following a series of fights at the South East Port of Spain Secondary School on Wednesday 15th March 2023.

• Around 12:35pm, the school’s principal called in officers from the Inter-Agency Task Force’s Duncan Street post to escort students off the premises after a major fight broke out which led to six other physical confrontations throughout the afternoon.

• One of the incidents resulted in a female student being pepper sprayed by the officers after she refused to desist from acting in an aggressive manner towards the lawmen and other students.

• Another student also received medical treatment at hospital after suffering an asthma attack due to the incidents.

• At about 2:00pm, students were being ushered out of the compound by officers from the Inter-Agency Task Force, who were also joined by personnel from the Besson Street Police Station.

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