Mississippi daycare workers who scared kids using a “Scream” mask for Halloween last week have been arrested and charged…

• Four of the daycare workers were criminally charged with felony child abuse and a fifth worker was charged with assault. The daycare was shut down and all five workers were fired.

• The videos — one filmed in September and another this month — were posted on social media and y showed a daycare worker at Lil’ Blessings Child Care & Learning Center in Hamilton, an unincorporated community in northeast Mississippi, wearing a Halloween mask similar to the one in the “Scream” movies and yelling at children who didn’t “clean up” or “act good”.

• The five accused who live in the area are 21-year-old Sierra McCandless; 28-year-old Oci-Anna Kilburn; 25-year-old Jennifer Newman; and 28-year-old Shyenne Shelton who is accused of three counts of felony child abuse.

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