man found shot to death near a pond in Ste Madeleine

The body of a man who is yet to be identified was found shot to death near a pond in Ste Madeleine early on Thursday 30th March, 2023.

• The victim was identified as 27-year-old Nehemiah Sooklal of Lightbourn Road, Gasparillo.

• Around 5:00am, Officers of the Ste Madeleine Police station received a report of a dead body at Manahambre Road, opposite the pond.

The officers went to the location and discovered Sooklal lying motionless on the roadway covered in multiple gunshot injuries.

• The victim was said to be of East Indian descent, brown skinned in complexion and appeared to be in his late 30’s or early 40’s.

• The man was also clad in a blue three-quarter pants and a T-shirt, sporting a ponytail hairstyle.

• The officers contacted the D.M.O and the victim’s body was removed to the Forensic science center pending a Port Mortem examination.

• Officers of the Ste Madeleine police station and Homicide Bureau of Investigations (Region III), visited the scene and recovered several spent shells in close proximity of the body.

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