Man charged with stealing former CNC3 anchor’s vehicle in 2018 gunned down in Morvant with military bullets…

• 42-year-old Gamal Waldron of Layan Hill, Belmont, was shot and killed at Superville Street, Morvant, on Saturday 13th August, 2022.

• The suspects were dressed in tactical apparel and reportedly made queries about the identity of several persons who were in company with Waldron.

• When they were able to verify who Waldron was, he was shot multiple times about the body and died at the scene.

• Police found several spent shell casings with the Trinidad & Tobago Regiment markings on them.

• The spent shell casings consisted of sixteen, 9 mm casings, five 40 calibre casings and then spent shell casings with the markings ‘TTR15’.

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