“Lady in white” crossing the road

A police vehicle crashed into the median on the Highway, near Claxton Bay, after they reportedly saw a “Lady in white” crossing the road on Monday 13th February, 2023.
• The Two homicide officers, were responding to the murder of a Homicide detective’s son in Moruga, when the incident occurred.
• An eyewitness told officers that while proceeding behind the unmarked police vehicle, he observed the vehicle make a sudden right turn off the highway and into the median.
• The driver of the unmarked police Hilux reported that while proceeding south along the highway just before the Claxton Bay Flyover, he observed “a Lady in white” crossing in front of the vehicle.
• The driver attempted to avoid hitting the woman which resulted in the police vehicle crashing.
• The two injured officers were taken to the San Fernando General Hospital by EHS personnel where they were treated and their Toyota Hilux was later towed to the Couva Police Station.

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