Killer dog “put down” by Vet…

The dog that killed 11-year-old Rachel Bhagwandeen at her grandparent’s house in Vistabella, San Fernando, on Thursday 25th august, 2022, has been euthanized (put down) by a veterinarian on Friday 27th August, 2022.

• Rachel Bhagwandeen, a standard 5 pupil who was expected to write the S.E.A exams next year, died at the scene of the incident after her mother and uncle desperately tried to get her out of harm’s way.

Rachel was hailed a hero by her mother, Seema, who said she had prevented her younger brother, Jaden from being attacked by the dog after it managed to escape from its kennel around 11am.

• After the dog was put to sleep, a relative told us, the vet left with it. Kelvin Bhagwandeen’s Rachel’s dad told us on Thursday that the police informed them that the dog must be “put down” after it took his daughter’s life.

• Randy Dass, the owner of Dass Funeral Home, will be conducting Rachel’s funeral free of charge.

Andrea Daniel, Rachel Bhagwandeen’s, teacher, in a Facebook post shared past stories that were written by the child while expressing her pain and sadness over her untimely death.

• Daniel said that she loved Rachel dearly, and the love she had for animals reminded her of herself.

• She added that Rachel would frequently ask her about her dog Chessy. Miss Daniel emphasized how humble, kind and hardworking Rachel was and her action to save and protect her brother truly defines her.

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