J’hlano Romney the state’s main witness in the murder of a police officer was gunned down

J’hlano Romney the state’s main witness in the murder of a police officer was gunned down at the residence of a relative late on Sunday 13th 2022:

• The killing happened shortly after 9pm at Poinsetta Avenue, Coconut Drive, Morvant and the suspects, police said, arrived at the scene and escaped in three motor vehicles.

• According to police, Romney, of Rich Plain Road, Diego Martin, was in company with other relatives outside their home when three cars pulled up and the occupants fired a volley of shots at them.

• The victims ran inside but Romney collapsed and died at the scene. Another relative, identified as Susan Moses, was shot in the face during the shooting and was taken to hospital for medical treatment where she remains in stable condition.

• Inspector Sunil Bharath, Sgt Rajkumar were among the officers of the North Eastern Division who visited the scene Insp. John of the Region 2 Homicide Bureau of Investigations also led a team of detectives at the homicide scene.

Romney was the State’s main witness in the murder case of PC Clarence Gilkes who was shot dead while in the line of duty on a staircase at Rich Plain Road in Diego Martin in April of this year.

• On Friday 22nd April, 2022, a manhunt was launched for Romney after officers of the Western Division Task Force accused him of firing shots at them, killing PC Gilkes.

• However, ballistics and a post-mortem later revealed PC Gilkes was shot from behind and the bullet was fired from the weapon of a police officer, a claim Romney constantly made while on the run from the law.

• 28-year-old PC Kristian Genty of Diego Martin was charged with murdering Gilkes and jointly charged with WPC 30-year-old Crystal Williams-Bowman, 30, of East Dry River with shooting with intent to cause harm to J’helano Romney.

Romney was also identified as the person who shot and killed 38-year-old Sean Khan aka Fingers of St. Julien Park Diego Martin, at Hillaire Street Diego Martin on August 29th, 2022.

• Khan gave a dying declaration to relatives, indicating that Romney shot him. He was taken to the hospital where he died.

• At the time of the shooting, Khan was the caretaker for a property at Hillaire Street and he went to check on the property when he was shot by Romney while entering the yard.

• Since the killing, Romney fled the Diego Martin community and was hiding at the residence of a relative until he was haunted and gunned down by multiple assailants last night.

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