It was all set up by someone from inside a bank in Port of Spain

It was all a set up as someone from inside a bank in Port of Spain tipped off their criminal friends on the outside.

• These were the words of one of the men who was almost robbed of $82,000 at a residence at Munroe road in Cunupia around 5pm on Friday.

• According to the victim, he and a friend went to (bank named) to cash a cheque for $82,000 which they received from a woman after they sold her a vehicle.

The friend was taken to a separate room where he received the money, but they did not know two gunmen were in a Honda City outside the bank waiting on them.

• They were followed to Munroe Road in Chaguanas and as the suspects’ car tried to intercept their vehicle, the driver, who was alert, managed to avoid being trapped and sped off.

• Along the roadway he flagged down a passing police vehicle and the officers were able to arrest two suspects and recover a Glock 9mm pistol with 16 rounds of ammunition.

• According to one of the victims, persons must be careful while withdrawing large sums of cash from banking institutions as they are being “put in place” by certain rouge employees.

• The would-be victim added that while there have been cases of friends setting up friends but this was not the situation as they were set up by a bank employee.

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