In case you missed it!!! A murder Mystery has been solved, and it is all linked to one man who is allegedly a known drug dealer and criminal offender.

The killings started with 43-year-old Khanta Ramdass whose bullet-riddled body was found at the side of the roadway in Mud Plant Road, off Wilson Road in Barrackpore on Saturday 08th April, 2023.

• Khanta was allegedly doing a painting and cleaning job at the drug man’s apartment and stole a bag of cocaine from the apartment, which led to his death.

Khanta Ramdass is also the brother of Ramraj Ramdass aka Pum Pum Conqueror who called Adesh Heeralal out of his home, moments before he was gunned down.

30-year-old Adesh Heeralal of Wilson Road, Penal was gunned down outside his home on Monday 24th April, 2023.

• Adesh was allegedly selling drugs for the same drug man who Khanta Ramdass was affiliated with.

• Adesh got bright and started buying from other people. However, the drug man didn’t like that and wanted Adesh to continue buying the drugs from him.

• As a result, Adesh was gunned down for not complying.

54-year-old Narine Singh was shot dead at his home in Charlo Village, Penal on Monday 27th March, 2023.

• Singh was not the intended target of the gunmen, but as they could not get his stepson David Bajnath, they killed Singh instead.

• This happened after David complained that the drug man was storing a kilo of cocaine at the home of his grandmother which is also the home of murdered 18-year-old Kishore Kumar, his father Anand Kumar & uncle Rolly Hosein who were executed Tuesday 25th April, 2023.

• Rolly & Kishore kept a watch for the drug man’s cocaine, which was being stored at their home.

David was reportedly shot and wounded approximately one month before his stepfather Narine Singh was Killed

• After David was shot, he fled the area and police went to the home to investigate.

• Anand, Kishore & Rolly called the drug man and told him the police came to the house and that persons were informing.

• As a result of this, the drug man sent back gunmen on March 27th, which led to the death of Narine Singh.

• 18-year-old Kishore got guilty of being a watchman and the fact that his uncle Narine was shot & killed.

• Kishore who felt guilty went to the drug man crying and told him he caused his uncle Narine’s death.

• After this the trio were executed.

The drug man is also allegedly responsible for the murders of Shazard Mohammed aka “Boyee” & Wellington Davidson aka “Zorro” who were gunned down at Mathura Avenue, Charlo Village on June 22nd 2020.

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