I’m sure many of you never heard about the T&T Fair Trading Commission?

Well unfortunately such a Commission exists by Statute, because their members are appointed by the President of the Republic of T&T.

Currently the chairman of the TTFTC is Ronald Ramkissoon, former Chairman at Republic Bank, and he has been TTFTC chairman since April 3rd, 2018.

Four other Commissioners are: Christopher Sieuchand; Dan Martineau; Dennis Scott; and Dawn Callender, persons we perhaps never heard of until recently.

Long story short, the Commission has stated that “the unfortunate and significant increase in prices especially that of staple food items such as wheat flour is of particular concern to the Fair Trading Commission”. 🙄🙄 (where has this commission been all along?)

The TTFTC has certain powers that enable it to carry out its functions, some of which include the power to:

Carry out investigations.

Summon and examine witnesses.

Call for, require the production of and examine documents with respect to an investigation.

Direct an enterprise to take such steps as are necessary and reasonable in the circumstances.

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