Ian visited the scene where two women were shot dead at train line road, malabar on Tuesday 18th April, 2023

Two women were shot and killed at Old Train Line Road in Malabar, Arima on Tuesday 18th April, 2023.

• Both women were reportedly killed by bullets intended for a man, who managed to escape with allegedly just a gunshot wound to the foot.

• The deceased were identified as 35-year-old Kernella Saunders and a 27-year-old woman only identified as Lashay of Fyzabad.

• Around 8:00pm, a 39-year-old man who was the intended target, was sitting on a bridge outside his home at Trainline Road Malabar in the company of his girlfriend Lashay when a car approached.

• A man clad in dark clothing, exited the vehicle armed with an AR-15 rifle and began firing shots in the couple’s direction.

• The man ran in an attempt to escape the hail of bullets when he was chased by the suspect who later fled the scene.

• Moments later, the victim returned to the scene, where he discovered Lashay suffering from gunshot wounds about her body.

• He immediately took her to the Arima District Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

• While the man was being chased and shot, Kernella Saunders reportedly left her bedroom to go to the kitchen, when she was hit by a stray bullet intended for the man.

• She reportedly slumped to the ground and died at the scene.

• Crime scene investigators visited the scene and recovered 62 spent 5.55 shell casings

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