Ian spoke with the owners of Toiz wit Noiz who were robbed on Tuesday 11th April, 2023

The Southern Division police are in search of five (5) suspects who broke into a family’s home and business place in Debe and stole a quantity of cash and items on Tuesday 11th April, 2023.

• Around 3:20am, the five suspects armed with firearms went to Toiz wit Noiz, an automotive parts store at SS Erin Road in Debe and tried to gain entry into the home located right behind the business place.

• At the time of the incident, the businessman and his wife were in Tobago for the Easter Weekend, however, their children, ages 13 and 11, as well as the man’s parents were.

• The gunmen reportedly went to the veranda on the first floor of the house and pried opened a door and entered the premises.

• Upon hearing the commotion, the elderly couple and their grandchildren locked themselves in a room and waited for the gunmen to leave.

• The suspects proceeded to ransack the house where they stole the safe and other personal items including a quantity of jewellery.

• The gunmen then broke into the business place to the front of the property. They stole a number of items, before loading it into a silver-coloured Hyundai car outfitted with false license plates, before fleeing the scene.

• The officers of Southern Division were alerted, and went in search of the suspects, but no one was arrested.

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