ian spoke to the mother of khanta ramdass, whose bullet riddle body was found in barrackpore

A bullet riddle body was found at the side of the roadway in Barrackpore on Saturday 08th April, 2023.

• The body was identified to be that of 43-year-old Khanta Ramdass, who was a construction worker of the Barrackpore area.

• Around 5:15am, heritage security guards contacted officers of the penal police station after they discovered a body covered in gunshot injuries at the side of the roadway in mud plant road, off Wilson Road in Barrackpore.

• When PC Persad and PC Jaglal responded to the scene, they met a heritage security personnel and two amalgamated security services estate constables who informed them that they found the body in some bushes, while they were on mobile patrol in the area.

• The D.M.O was summoned to the scene and he examined the body and ordered it to be removed to the San Fernando general hospital to later be transferred to the forensic science centre in St James pending an autopsy.

• Crime scene investigators also visited the scene and recovered six 9mm spent shells, one projectile, and a brown wallet which contained Ramdass’ identification card.

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