Ian spoke to the girlfriend of deceased Duane Saunders who was shot and killed in south oropouche on Sun 23RD APRIL, 2023

A South Oropouche man was gunned down near his home on Sunday 23rd April, 2023.

• The deceased was identified as Duane Kern Saunders of Coker Street, South Oropouche who turned 30 years old on Sunday 02nd April, 2023

• Around 6:40pm, Saunders was walking along the South Oropouche Junction with his wife in close proximity of the Police Station, when a grey Nissan Teanna Pulled up alongside them.

• A masked man armed with a firearm, alighted from the vehicle, walked up to Saunders and shot him multiple times before re-entering the car and fleeing the scene.

• A resident, who witnessed the incident ran into the police station and alerted the officers.

• When they arrived at the scene, they discovered Saunders dead and his wife next to him in tears.

• The officers searched the surrounding areas for the getaway vehicle but were unsuccessful.

Duane’s mother, Dianne Saunders’ brother, Robert Saunders was gunned down in Valencia seven years ago (2016).

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