iAN spoke to the father of candace griffith who was shot and killed on Monday 17th April, 2023

One (1) woman was shot dead while five (5) other persons were injured following a mass shooting in Arima on Monday 17th April, 2023.

• The deceased was identified as 41-year-old Candace Griffith of Nelson Street in Arima, while the injured victims are 41-year-old Alana Layne, 38-year-old Chad Eastman, Nicholas Sylvester and two (2) teenagers identified as 15-year-old Lilly Layne and 16-year-old De Deon Layne.

• Around 10:30pm, the group of people was liming at a birthday party at a home along Temple Street in Arima when three (3) masked men scaled a wall to the premises.

• The men reportedly pulled out their firearms and fired several shots at the group who attempted to escape the hail of bullets.

• The gunmen then fled the scene on foot and the six (6) victims were discovered lying on the ground suffering from gunshot injuries.

• A report was subsequently made to the Arima police and emergency health services, and the victims were taken to the Arima District Hospital.

• Griffith was declared dead at the hospital while Alana is in critical condition after she suffered a headshot injury.

• Lilly was treated for a gunshot wound to the left leg; De Leon for a wound in the right big toe; Eastman for a wound to the right arm and Subero for a wound in the waist.

• A team of officers from the Arima police station, the Northern Division Task Force, and the Homicide Bureau led by Snr. Supt. Francis, Insp. Jugmohan, along with W/Cpl. Thompson, PC Marash, PC Maharaj, and WPC Jacob were among the officers at the scene.

• Officers of the Special Evidentiary Recovery Unit processed the scene and recovered 18 9mm spent shells, 5 spent 7.62 spent shell casings; 2 projectiles, and 7 metal fragments.

• One of the rounds bore the markings of ‘TTR’.

The Griffith family is no stranger to gun violence as Candace’s brother 34-year-old Kevin Griffith was shot and killed in Subero Street, Malabar Arima on February 21st, 2017.

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