Ian spoke to the 69-year-old victim who was relieved of $17,000 in cash on Tuesday 11th April, 2023

An elderly woman was robbed of a quantity of cash in Curepe on Tuesday 11th April, 2023.

• The 69-year-old woman of Caroni, reportedly withdrew $17,000 from Republic Bank at the Valpark Shopping Plaza, and left the compound.

• At about 4:30pm, the victim reached Curepe and stopped her vehicle near Happiness Supermarket, when a man entered the car and announced a robbery.

• The suspect relieved the woman of an envelope containing the cash before fleeing the scene.

• The woman immediately contacted the police and PC Seecharan of the St Joseph CID was detailed to carry out investigations.

• The suspect was said to be of African descent, slim build, light brown in complexion, and was clad in a white jersey and light blue 3/4 jeans with a hat on his head.

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