I was able to lead officers to the suspects involved in the robbery and arson attack at Piper’s mini-mart in Calcutta #2, Freeport

This is the breakthrough I have made regarding the robbery and arson attack at Piper’s Mini Mart in Calcutta #2, Freeport. I was able to lead officers to the suspects involved….

A mini-mart owner was robbed, beaten and then set on fire at his business place in Freeport on Friday 05th May, 2023.

• Around 5:20pm, a proprietor identified as Nizam and a manager were working at Piper’s Mini Mart in Calcutta #2, Freeport, when they were accosted by three men.

• One of the suspects, armed with a gun announced a robbery and relieved the victim of an undisclosed sum of money, a Samsung cell phone and a laptop.

• The suspects then beat the owner and set the business place on fire with him inside before fleeing the scene in a silver Nissan B15 car.

• Nizam sustained serious injuries and was taken to a private hospital where he is recovering. After the robbery, the three (3) suspects asked Nizam for the CCTV footage that captured them robbing the mini-mart.

• When Nizam, the owner of Piper’s mini-mart refused, the suspects beat him and threw gasoline all over the mini-mart before lighting it on fire.

• When they attempted to flee, one of the suspects was trapped inside the building, the other two suspects went back to retrieve him and also sustained burn injuries.

• They allegedly returned to one of the suspect’s parent’s home where his mother, helped bandaged the badly burnt suspect and placed him in an inflatable pool with ice water as his flesh was falling off his body.

• Unconfirmed reports state that the suspect succumbed to his injuries on Saturday morning.

• The other two suspects proceeded to dig a hole in close proximity to where Maggaz’s body was found and buried him on Saturday night into Sunday morning. The three suspects are also said to be involved in the murder of Adrian Mitchell aka Maggaz. Maggaz’s partially decomposed body was found shot to death execution-style in Carolina Village, Couva on Sunday 23rd April, 2023.

• Maggaz of Diamond Village, Claxton Bay, was found by a cattle farmer who was on his farming lands off Ajodha Road, Carolina Village, Couva, with his feet and mouth duct taped and covered in multiple gunshot injuries.

One of the suspects involved in the mini-mart robbery was also said to be involved in the murder of Tortuga farmer Ganesh Deopersad.

• Deopersad’s wife Alisha Hosein was involved with one of the suspect’s friends and she allegedly paid him $20,000 to murder Deopersad.

Two of the suspects were also said to be involved in the murder of 33-year-old Daniel Eversley aka Ghost who was shot dead at his car wash at Springvale Junction, Claxton Bay on Wednesday 19th April, 2023.

• Both suspects were allegedly paid by a man who is the child father of Eversley’s girlfriend’s child. One of the suspects reportedly has to report to the Couva Police Station every Monday to sign for an ongoing case pertaining to a prohibited weapon.

a doctor from San Fernando Hospital is reportedly helping the suspects as they allegedly go to his home in Marabella for treatment.

• He allegedly knows that they are involved in criminal activities because he previously removed a bullet from one of the suspect’s feet, following a shootout with police.

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