I visited the Heights of Guanapo, Arima where Joel Caleb’s decapitated body was found on April 29th

The semi-decomposed, decapitated body of 31-year-old Joel Caleb who was abducted outside his Arima home on Wednesday 26th April, 2023, was found off a precipice at the Heights of Guanapo on Saturday 29th April, 2023.

At around 8am, a 15-year-old boy and his 13-year-old sister, who lives in the area were on their way to a nearby spring when they stumbled upon Caleb’s body.

The Teens subsequently told their father who immediately contacted the police.

The responding officers along with the district medical officer visited the scene and ordered Caleb’s body be removed to the Forensic science center pending an autopsy.

Further checks were made for Caleb’s head; however, it is yet to be found.

Relatives were able to identify the deceased by the clothing and shoes he wore. On Wednesday 26th April, 2023: Joel Caleb of Richard Trace, Tumpuna Road, Malabar, Arima was abducted outside of his home by four (4) men pretending to be police.

Around 8:30pm, Caleb was driving a silver Nissan Tiida motorcar registered PDJ 6187 along Pereira Lane off Richard Trace, when his vehicle was pulled over by a red Nissan X-trail registered PCD 4647 with blue flashing lights.

Three men, one armed with a gun, emerged and pulled Caleb from his vehicle, and placed him into their SUV while another suspect entered Caleb’s car and drove off.

A report was subsequently made to the police ad officers of the northern division responded and began investigations. Joel Caleb was allegedly almost kidnapped five (5) years ago following a disagreement with his girlfriend’s father.

Caleb’s brother Marvin Caleb, who was 33 years old at the time was shot and killed at their home in Richard Trace, Malabar Arima on the 02nd September, 2015. On June 15th, 2015, Joel and Marvin’s older brother Alexis Junior Caleb was also gunned down at their Malabar, Arima home.

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