I spoke to the father steven suraj one of the victims involved in the double murder which took place at Thompson tr, longdenville on Sun 21st may, 2023

Two men were gunned down in Longdenville on Sunday 21st May, 2023.

• The deceased were identified as 32-year-old Steven Suraj aka “Fatboy”, a worker of the regional corporation and 32-year-old Tyrel Bosse aka “Redman”.

• At around 9 pm, the men were liming at Thompson Trace, Longdenville, when a man in dark clothing approached and opened fire, before fleeing the scene.

“Redman” collapsed and died at the scene while “Fatboy” was taken to the hospital for treatment but subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

• A number of spent shells were found at the scene and officers are continuing investigations on the incident.

• Ian spoke to Steven Suraj’s father Suresh Suraj at the studio about his son’s untimely death.

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