Harbour Master crew fights back, files criminal charges against the Anderson brothers…

• More drama regarding the Harbour Master party boat fracas as attorneys representing the crew of the boat shot back by filing private criminal charges against Javlin champion Anderson Peters and his brother Kedon Peters, a police officer.

• Reports coming out of Grenada indicates that the Captain and three crew members of the MV Harbour Master are pursuing criminal charges against the Peters brothers.

• Lead attorney Cajeton Hood is quoted as saying that they may go after Peters brothers on a charge of making a false report to the police.

• Hood is claiming that they lied to the police regarding the incident which took place on Wednesday 10th August, 2022, at the St George’s Port as the MV Harbour Master crew was wrapping up a party cruise and preparing to embark on another.

• Peters and his brother failed to leave the vessel and a fracas erupted between them and crew members who are all Trinidadians.

• The captain and his crew were subsequently arrested and charged with assault by Grenadian police. The DPP dropped the charges against two of the accused while the others pleaded guilty and were slapped with fines which they paid.

• The MV Harbour Master remains impounded at the port after the High Court ordered that the vessel be detained. That request was made by attorneys for Anderson Peters and his brother.

• The boat’s Captain has stated that the fracas was started by Anderson who spat on him, assaulted him and ridiculed him about his nationality after he and his brother refused several requests to disembark from the vessel by crew members.

• In order for the private criminal complaints to move forward, a Magistrate must sign off on them which could be discontinued anytime before judgement is rendered by the DPP.

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