FULL INTERVIEW: TRUTH ABOUT THE MATNA Drive ENDEAVOUR shooting which took place ON WED 21ST JUNe, 2023

The wife of a 60-year-old man who was shot and wounded outside his home in Chaguanas on Wednesday 21st June, 2023, visited the studio and spoke to me about the shooting.

• Around 5:45pm, the 60-year-old man of Matna Drive in Endeavour Road, Chaguanas was in his silver Nissan X-trail registered pct 2443 with his wife, driving into his home when a black car drove by.

• A man armed with a gun alighted from the vehicle and fired several shots at the victim before he re-entered the car and fled the scene.

• The victim sustained gunshot injuries to his upper arm and forearm and drive himself to a nearby bar in Egypt Trace, Endeavour.

• Patrons subsequently took him to the Chaguanas district health facility, where he was treated and transferred to mt hope hospital.

• The 60-year-old man’s son identified as Akash was reportedly the main target of the gunmen.

• Akash reportedly took 26 cars from a salesman and failed to pay for them.

• The man reportedly threatened Akash’s parents stating that if he does not get back his money, he will take matters into his own hands.

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