Double murder suspect found dead days later in Las Cuevas…

Double murder suspect found dead days later in Las Cuevas…

• Days after he shot and killed a couple, both lifeguards, at their Las Cuevas home on Friday 29th July, 2022, Franklyn Clement’s decomposing body was found in a forested area off Rincon Road.

• The discovery was made on Monday 1st August, 2022, by Hunters who were combing the forest for Franklyn.

• After the murders, Franklyn fled in his vehicle towards his father’s residence at Upper Rincon Road where a gunshot was heard.

• Residents initially believed the gunshot was a bluff shot fired by Franklyn to give the impression he had killed himself.

• Hollis Valdez and his wife Shereen Bailey-Valdez was shot and killed at their home by Franklyn while asleep at their home.

• The couple who recently reconciled, was asleep at their home, when the suspect identified as a security officer, Franklyn Clement, entered and shot the couple multiple times before fleeing.

• The incident stemmed from a previous love affair gone wrong between Shireen and Clement, when the couple was separated for a short period.

• Residents of Rincon Road, North Coast Road was upset, crossed and angry and expressed dissatisfaction over the inaction of the police in initiating a search party to locate the suspect.

• Franklyn reportedly emptied his bank account prior to the incident which villagers believe was premeditated.

(Video footage of the double murder scene and search for Franklyn on Friday in Las Cuevas)

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