Derron Clarke aka Tubby was shot at killed near his job site in Blanchisseuse on Tuesday 9th May, 2023

Bloodshed continue in the Blanchisseuse area after a man was gunned down while at a jobsite on Tuesday 09th May, 2023.

• The deceased has been identified as Derron Clarke also known by his alias “Tubby” a Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation worker, employed on a maintenance gang of Paradise Hill, Upper Blanchisseuse.

• Around 7:30am, Clarke was at a jobsite at O’Connor Street, Blanchisseuse when two men armed with guns approached and shot him multiple times in the head.

• Clarke reportedly received death threats on Thursday 04th May, 2023, on the day of Carver Evangelist’s funeral.

50-year-old Carver evangelist was shot and killed near his home in O’Connor Street, Blanchisseuse on Saturday 22nd April, 2023.

• Carver was reportedly killed over an ongoing land dispute.

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