Commissioner Christopher added that there are a few offenders who are responsible for most of the violent crimes within their respective divisions and the TTPS added that 87% of the homicides committed last year were done with the use of illegal firearms.

• She said the TTPS would be embarking on an aggressive approach to dismantle criminal gangs and continue with its efforts in removing illegal arms and ammunition from the streets.

• For the year thus far, the TTPS has recovered 156 illegal firearms and in excess of 3,000 rounds of ammunition during various anti-crime exercises.

• Commissioner Christopher said the TTPS intends to increase its intelligence gathering capabilities; Transnational crimes; its relationship with members of the public; its firearms and ammunition retrieval efforts; have monthly community meetings within every police station district.

• Christopher called on citizens to do their part by being law-abiding citizens, cooperating with the police and providing real-time and critical information to the police so they could effectively serve their needs.

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