Concerns have been raised as a funeral home buried a non military man in full camouflage clothing.

Concerns have been raised on how a funeral home buried a man, who is not a member of the Defence Forces, in full camouflage clothing.

• The incident happened yesterday during the funeral service of Denelson Kennedy who was shot and killed while liming at Toncabean Terrace, Pipiol Road, Santa Cruz on Sunday 15th January, 2023.
• Another man identified as Shakeem Hospedales was also injured during the shooting
• Images and videos of Kennedy lying in a coffin at the church and the cemetery, dressed in military uniform began circulating last night on social media.
• Checks with officers within the north eastern division revealed that there was a police presence around the church and the cemetery during Kennedy’s funeral.
• One police source said that they had absolutely no idea the funeral home allowed Kennedy’s relatives to bring military clothing to bury him in knowing fully well he was not a past or present member of the Defence Force.

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