Chopping in Princes Town

A man was brutally chopped to death at Marcano Street in Princes Town by the son of his female friend because he did not have any weed to give to the suspect.
• The deceased was identified as 59-year-old Koonjie Madhoo of Princes Town.
• Around 6:00pm, the victim was reportedly chopped multiple times by his friend’s 23-year-old mentally unstable son.
• The woman’s son approached him and asked if he had weed, when Madhoo responded no, the suspect then dealt him several chops to the head.
• The victim was taken to the Princes Town district hospital, where he was declared dead.
• A report was made and the responding officers detained the suspect in the house and the murder weapon was found and seized.
• Sgt. Bridgemohan of the region 3 homicide bureau of investigations is probing the incident.

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