Cable thieves target underground cables causing interruptions with TSTT services…

See press statement:

A malicious act targeting TSTT’s underground cables overnight has resulted in service interruptions to some of our valued customers. The company has mobilised crews and is working assiduously to restore service in the shortest time possible.

Preliminary investigations reveal a major act of vandalism on a critical cable artery that services customers in South Trinidad. As a result, customers’ mobile, internet and other services will be severely impacted. Customers in other parts of the country may also experience degradation or interruption in their service because of this act of vandalism.

TSTT strongly condemns these deliberate and selfish acts that negatively impact customers, communities and businesses and reminds those responsible that there are legal implications when caught. The company has engaged the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and an investigation is being launched into this latest incident.

TSTT assures customers that repairs are

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