Breaking News!!
Mc Donald Jacob has announced his exit from TTPS

Breaking News!!
Mc Donald Jacob has announced his exit from TTPS and says he is ready and willing to lend whatever assistance may be required from him.

This is his letter to his subordinates within the TTPS:
Good morning all Heads and Commanding Officers of this esteemed institution called the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. It was a great pleasure working with you all for the past forty-two (42) years.
Notwithstanding the many challenges, my experience has been quite pleasurable.
As I take my exit from the TTPS, I am of the firm view that the TTPS consist of many officers with the necessary skills, talent, knowledge and expertise.
This will allow the organization to be further propelled to a continued higher level of professionalism in dealing with the challenges that confront the internal and external environment of the organization.
Please do not make the traditional error of looking to start all over as we have already laid the foundation with several initiatives in place that only requires further enhancement which will make Trinidad and Tobago a safer place.
Let’s continue looking at the TTPS as a learning organization where empowerment and training will be the foundation for our success.
I wish to implore all officers to continue and even more aggressively, support the administration now led by CoP Erla Christopher which is paramount for the triumph of this organization.
I think you are all aware of my competencies and I standby willing to provide the assistance any one may require. Have a safe and productive year and as I exit, thank you.
Sgd. Mc Donald Jacob, 21.01.2023

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