Breaking news!!! 8 cops to be charged with murder in connection with the June 27th, 2020 killings of three (3) men

8 cops to be charged with murder in connection with the June 27th 2020 killings of three (3) men in a car in Morvant which sparked sporadic nationwide protests…

Earlier tonight, the Director of Public Prosecutions advised investigators to charge the officers with allegedly murdering the three friends at 2nd Caledonia Road, Morvant.

The officers, a sergeant, and seven (7) constables, were detained by officers of the Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) and other officers last Thursday and Friday.

Officers shot and killed three men inside a car outside the Auto Guru. One of the occupants of the vehicle exited and tried to flee but was cut down by police bullets.

38-year-old Joel Jacob aka Lion, was killed on his birthday along with his friends 46-year-old Noel Diamond and 27-year-old Israel Moses Clinton.

The back seat passenger was ordered out of the vehicle, searched and ordered back inside. He was told to roll down the back glass and that’s when officers opened fire killing all three occupants near the Auto Guru.

Days later after CCTV video of the killings emerged, which showed two of the men being shot with their hands in the air, mass sporadic protests erupted across the country in several communities for two consecutive days.

Several persons were shot by police in Port of Spain and Ornella Graves, a pregnant mother, was killed by a bullet fired by police officers during a protest on the Beetham Highway.

10 other police officers from the GEB and IATF, are also under investigation and faces charges ranging from perverting the course of public justice, misbehaviour in public office and making false Station Diary entries.

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